Yesterdays Blooms Finally Finished

Yesterday's Blooms by Helen Shideler The name Yesterday's Blooms came from a few different ideas I had white working on this watercolour of white roses. They grow in the back corner of my yard.  Early in the season the blooms are so white, almost a transparent white. As the season progresses, the blooms take on a hint of pink.  Only to become quite pinkish and coral nearer to the fall.  Also, each bloom opens white and then taken on a  pinkish tinge as the bloom matures.

I stepped back from this painting for a period (far too long) once I deepened the background.  I had to get my head around how deep the values really are on the “white” roses.   I have a value strip that has been so helpful.  Normally my instincts with tone and value are pretty good but I needed help with this one.  I think painting in the background prior to completing the roses may have thrown me a bit. With this painting, I thought in a few places I nailed the intensity, pulled out my value strip and nope, had to go back in.

Having a number of paintings to complete before Christmas , this one seemed to loom over me as I was rather easily distracted by the workload in my studio.  This past weekend I was determined to finish it! So happy I finally did!

I cannot help but marvel at the beauty of a rose.  And it is no less beautiful once it is past it’s prime – yesterdays’ blooms.  The colours in some areas are deeper, grow paler in others and more delicate somehow.  Even the bees seem to prefer the newer fresher blooms.  A metaphor of life.  Opoooo now i am getting philosophical!