without a doubt about it - I am an island girl

Prince Edward Island that is.  Without a doubt about it! I am an island girl.  Once again I have completely fallen in love with Prince Edward Island!  I cannot help it.  I love it.  Even the particularly voracious mosquitos cannot dull my love (we can discuss the horse flies later).

I was there on a photographic mission.  To photograph sandpipers for a commission.  The little darlings are so elusive.  Literally 1000 photos later and only two little sandpipers.  Lots of Ruddy Turnstones.  A Short-Billed Dowitcher or ten.  Great Blue Heron - and some of them in flight, beautiful!  Yep.  Only a couple of little sandpipers. And many, many plovers.  Question for you.   Do you think the person I am doing the commission for would recognize that the plovers are not sandpipers?  All shorebirds look alike, right?

And I learned something else.  No matter how good your camera is, it is never good enough.  I wish I had a longer lens. My "purse" camera has a 30x optic zoom.  Sounds impressive. In practicality it does not work well.  Sure it zooms - but you cannot hold the blinking thing steady enough to get the shot - and that is if you are lucky enough to actually get the birds located in the display to get the shot with the zoom fully extended.