WIP's - ohhhh... so many of them!

[slideshow] Scattered… as in all over the place

I have recently hung my 9th solo exhibition “Full Spectrum”.  This is a bit anti-climatic, much like Christmas.  Although exciting, all the hard work, details and build up have arrived and for all intent and purpose are now behind me.

I have committed work for a few other venues for this fall and have to keep painting.  And I have been painting.  Lots.   Just not finishing anything.  I have four works in progress.  I am all literally over the place.  Working in watercolor then oils and then acrylic.  All at once.  On different pieces. Completely different pallets. And with

Focus.  Jeepers, if I could just purchase some focus or is it patience I need?  Adding to the distraction is the lovely weekend weather.  We have not seen that much sunshine all summer until now in September. 

Additionally, I was running low on some paint colors.  So the order has arrived and now I feel obligated to start something else with the replenished paint.  Oh dear.