WIP - Yesterday's Blooms - Update #2

Formerly Antique roses - had to rename this Yesterday's Blooms - WIP Helen Shideler

In the back corner of our garden there grows a white rose bush.  Only it really is not so white.  At the beginning of the season it is whit.  As summer deepens, the blooms start to come take on a pink tint until they eventually come in more cream and pink.  This fascinates me.    They are quite lovely and the bush is prolific offering up blooms many times during the season.  It is also the thorniest rose bush I have ever owned.  Pruning it is an adventure in paint.  I digress.

I have painted variations of roses from this bush a number of times.  I envision an entire series around them. Still may go down this path.

I worked on the background and the leaves first.  There is a funny reason why.  I splash when I paint!  By painting the first I do not run as much of a rich splashing a dark colour onto a place.  That way when I have to scrub off by stray spray I am not blemishing the petals.

The background is showing too much texture at this point.  The next step will be for me to carefully go back in with a deep blue/green to push it to the back.