WIP - Update #4 -and so it slowly goes

[slideshow] Although seemingly forever,this painting is gaining ground.  Once I had completed the main floral and jar area, I "studied" the background for a while.  I was a bit nervous to just start painting because once you paint around the petal, there is often a paint edge.  This concerns me only because the area is so large - this is a full sheet painting!

So, I remember reading about a product a few months back. I was curious enough o order it ArtMask - adhesive backed masking film. The product says it will not release  and say on your painting, won't wrinkle, bleed or flutter, great for watercolors.

Ooooh... nervously I bit the bullet. I traced around the jar and flowers with a permanent archival pen.  Used an Xacto knife and a quilting cutting board to trim it off and voila - the shape of my painting.

Tenderly and carefully I took the Art mask and gently placed it on the painting... what the?  Lifted it tenderly placed it again. Darn and darn. Apparently it sticks to itself and permanently!  Darn -no separating this. Had to cut another piece.  Placing it so tenderly on the painting -  it was, well...  "off".  I believe it stretches out when you cut it. Read the product information Helen - it says maximum stretch for irregularly shaped surfaces - maybe that explains it.

Note to self - use smaller sections!

Once placed you are supposed to put a fine line of liquid frisket over the edges.  This takes time -and leaves a white edge you have to deal with.

If you look closely at the paintings, the flowers and vase look a bit on the dull side - that is because of the masking film.  I applied two coast of under painting allowing each one to dry completely before applying the other.  Then I easily removed the film.  Retouched the edges and began to complete the background.

Soon this WIP will be a painting complete.