WIP Three's Company - Poured Water Color

This is the second poured water-color painting I have done with gulls on this particular location.  First of all, I love working on the log and seaweed!  So much fun and I really had to use my brain to figure out the color order of the pours.  That being said, I am quite satisfied with the colors and texture capture with “Sunning Gulls”. Helen Shideler - WIP Three's Company

After looking at it for a while, I decided this deserved one more attempt (the perfectionist in me just got revealed).  I thought the gulls should be a bit larger and well, “Three’s Company”.   I know that when I am planning my gardens odd numbers make the most attractive groupings – thought this premise would also work with the number of birds in a painting.  Sound logical?

There have been a number of do over paintings in my career.  Not a large number but quite a few.  And not because the first one is not right or I am not as satisfied with it. It is just I may think it may be better in oils or watercolor, or in this case with more company.  (Except maybe for the recent poured goat paintings – they were just a mistake -  although I got a great deal of satisfaction from ripping them up).

The image in this post represents the final pour, before the masking compound is removed.