WIP - Liquid Gold, complete - well almost

This has been much trickier than I though it would be.  Pouring paint on Aquabord requires a whole new kind of patience! Helen Shideler - Liquid Gold

You are able to masque - although I am convinced some of the stuff stays on this surface forever, a kind of reside in places - not all over though. The biggest challenge is its biggest strength!  Go figure!!! You cannot bend it! Or fold it...makes moving around the poured paint around a bit more challenge. Almost a calisthenic workout.  Bend this way, tilt, bend that way, tilt - full body work out!!!!!

I have always maintained that you have to cover the areas of work you are not working as the paint will rub off in spots.  This does not happen with watercolor paper.

The next and final step for this painting it a resin coating also very experimental - fingers crossed.  This process takes a week , so bear with me.....