WIP- How You Doin? - Poured Painting

Ok, this piece makes me so happy.  I knew I had to paint it when I was photographing this pair.  They kept looking at each other.  I quite literally crawled around on the ground behind them to get the photos I needed.  I rearranged them a bit in the composition when I drew them out and here we are. How U Doin? Poured Watercolour by Helen Shideler

When I was first thinking about this painting in my mind I was calling it  “the Mister and the Missus”, once I started to draw it out it quickly became “How You Doin?” from Joey from friends.

This photo shows the painting with the masking compound still all over it.  Now the fun begins and I get to rub the stuff off.  In my world the devil is not in the details. It is where I play!