WIP - Coming in For a Landing (Poured Painting)

WIP - Coming in for a Landing

I have to get the cobwebs out.  I have about five (well six, actually seven) poured paintings currently on the go.  I find pouring paint is an excellent way of loosening up and transitioning from the studio to the field.  There are a number of en plein air events that I will be participating in this summer. So excited!

This painting of  a sea gull coming in for a landing is the result of about three road trips, hundreds and hundreds of photos and a ton of patience.  Some risky photos too.  Have you ever stood under flocks of gulls circling overhead?  Well, sometimes they let go and in crap in flight!  Have to be agile to focus, shoot and dodge the Cape Breton Air Forces as we Maritimers call them.

I have a series planned all about seabirds. I love them all! I have been thinking about this for quite a while and in my mind I know the feeling (colors and shapes) I am looking to paint. As a result, I take every opportunity to shoot.  The interesting thing is, once I got looking at the photos,  I am more drawn to the photos taken in the fog over the clear blue sky shots.  I also prefer the side on shots over the belly in flight shots.  This may be a result of my camera failing and loosing its focus.  I have since purchased a new one.