WIP Call of the Raven finished

Watercolour painting of a raven by Helen Shideler It is always an exciting part of the painting adventure to call a painting finished.  I looked over the "Call of the Raven" numerous times and then called in my critiques er family to scrutinize.  I appreciate their honesty, fresh eyes and ability to see what I may be missing or just not seeing anymore. The happy moment is when a painting passes the family test.

I have been hunting crows and ravens with my camera for a few years now with a series in mind.  This is the first of that work.  You can see the next two raven drawings in the photos below.  They may appear to be grainy but you will get the idea.

I have brought it into my framer and asked Mario to order in enough of the same moulding for the three I have currently sketched out.  They will be triple matted - cannot wait to see this one done.

I typically sketch the work out loosely and yet precisely.  I know that may sound contradictory  but in my mind it really isn't.  I draw initially for scale and then refine for detail as I go.  Has a lot to do with my patience level or lack of it.  I am usually so interested in getting started that I cannot labour the drawing too much at this stage.  Would make the work too tight as well I think (said she the detail queen).  I approach each element as a controlled wet in wet painting area, in this case the feathers.  And I have been known to squeal with delight as the paint mixes on the paper in the itty bitty painting areas.

Sneak Preview for what is on the easel next.....

WIP by Helen ShidelerWIP Constable Craw