Update # 3 Late August Completed!!!

So this is an interesting way to post a Work in Progress.  I can no longer show you the complete completed work....until I deliver it!  They would like to be surprised and see it in person first.  I can share the grasses have a wonderful orangey glow and you can almost feel their movement in the wind.  There are some brushy grass in the near front that were fun to paint and add much to the depth of the painting.   I discovered a new colour in acrylic  - nickle Azo Yellow.  Really have to be careful with this one - a little goes a long way - and I mean  a long way.   Almost as bad (as good?) as Payne's Grey

The colours of the ocean waves include a mauvey glow and cerulean blues.   The waves and ripples have  dark areas that were developed with Payne's Grey.  The cresting waves have a hint of a golden glow.   The beautiful colours of late August.

I will spend the next two or three days staring at the painting - wondering what modifications if any are required.  From there I will remove it from the stretcher bars and send off to Vancouver!   I may want to do come colour balancing on this - but for now, it just feels finished.