Two Times Two

Helen Shideler - Brothers Commission DSC03590_newCommission time.  I was asked to do a portrait of two brothers twice.   This created a challenge for me.  I wanted them to be the same yet different.  Then I had to decide if they should be in watercolour, oil or acrylic. I went with oil and tried out my M.Graham oils -love them.

Being “new again” to oil paint I found this particularly tricky – how to keep them clean and not get the paint all over my hands and thus, all over the paintings.  I was moderately successful. And where I was messy, well you just paint over the mess.  And repeat as necessary and it was necessary!

My original approach was to paint one then start the other.  I was not too far into the process when I realized, ummm nope, that is not going to work for me.  Have to do them both at the same time.  Easier on my head and less wasted paint.

The interesting thing is the likeness is good. But they look slightly different.  The older brother in one painting looks more like him now and the other painting is a good match from the photo reference.  But the photo is a few years old.  Apparently I somewhat aged him appropriately.

Bottom line my client is happy and so am I!