two in their new home

Paintings by Helen Shideler Ever since I painted these two dahlias, my daughter Jenn has had her eye on them. We finally had the opportunity to get them out to Vancouver without the hefty shipping charges. How you ask? Out of the frames, off the stretcher bars, rolled in towels and placed in her sister’s suitcase. Although it is a bit risky to put valuables in a suitcase, it worked and they arrived safely. I probably would not recommend this by the way. My father had an expression that made me crazy “do as I say, not as I do”.   And here I am as well….

Once safely in Vancouver they made the trip to Granville Island to be put back on stretcher bars. The end result sure looks good if I do say so myself. The professional photo Jenn took of the paintings on her wall sure adds to the effect.

Now I am now rethinking how to present my work. Seeing them on a wall in a setting is sure effective.  I know there are apps out there to do this - anyone ever use any?