Thirty Paintings in 30 Days Day 1

Happy New Year everyone.  I decided to start the new year with a rather huge commitment to myself to paint 30 paintings in 30 days.

This is a public challenge so people who are following will actually know if I miss the mark.  No pressure at all. I have decided to take advantage of this challenge to experiment with different techniques and use some of the materials I have collected purchased over the years and really challenge myself.

Day 1 - I had a wonderful day in the studio. I started four different paintings.  By mid-afternoon the realization that the object of the challenge is not to start  an unmanageable amount of work, but to actually finish a painting a day. This realization hit me at about three o'clock.  Focus Helen. On day one you should not be off track.  Pick one and finish it!  I was getting hungry.  Who has time to eat when they are in the studio?

Immortality White Iris

Pretty sure I know where I will take this one - this was quite messy - but fun!

WIP - Helen Shideler I have no real clue what I am doing here other than playing.  Fun!

WIP Helen Shideler