WIP- Abundance

Pretty difficult for me to resist painting the blooms of the white azalea.  These flowers were meant to be captured in watercolor! This painting is right on the heels of me completing “Lighter Shade of Pale” white-ish roses. And will be followed up with a poured painting of white lilies with fuchsia centers.  More on that later!  I want to feel completely comfortable with capturing all the nuance of painting white flowers before I attempt the next poured painting.

I have to admit, this piece seems to be working up faster than the roses – the degree of difficulty is the rendering is less and the petals are larger.  And, of course, I am feeling more confident with my color choices.

So, I am about a third of the way through.  This painting will pack a surprise as it develops.  Stay tuned!

Daisy Fresh - Work in progress -completed

Then the fun really begins when you go back in and crispen (is this even a word?) up the edges and freshen up certain colors.The most challenging part is knowing when to stop and resisting the urge to overwork the painting
This painting is custom framed.  I haad to resist the urge to use a goldenrod colored inner mat - too  trendy - the finished result is quite lovely.  Greenish inner mat - off white outer mat with a v-grove.