Duck Hunting

So, again it is no secret, I love ducks.  When my husband and I got up this morning, I asked him if he had any plans.  Well he did.. I asked him... well do they have to be this morning.  He looked at me with a look of familiar curiosity and asked what I had in mind.   I said DUCK HUNTING!. The huh?  look on his face was priceless.  I handed him two cameras and said ...let's go!

I have an idea for two more, maybe three more painting ideas..sharing the photos - just not the ones I am going to paint!

Here a few expamples of my duck paintings, Mallard Trio , Dapper Dabbler and Sitting Duck


Sitting Duck and Ducks In A Row Update

When I first began to paint "Ducks In a Row", I envisioned a loose flowing painting - until I actually started to draw the ducks out.  I now have completely switched gears.  Highly detailed and intricate, using the tiniest of brushes and my best sables!  And I am having so much fun. What I first thought would be a large watercolor full of mallards has become three paintings of various sizes that work well together!  I am working from several photos that simply do not lend themselves to combining into one larger composite painting. So I decided to still paint them all - but separately! (this way if I mess up all is not lost :) )

IMG_4209This the progress showing on the original Ducks In a Row painting!