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WIP - Helen ShidelerI am currently working on a few paintings.  Three are commissions and one is not.  The one that is not spoken for keeps luring me in.  The above painting started out as a poured watercolour.  Once I removed the countless layers of masking compound, I decided to go back in and enhance the ducks.  This is something I normally do with poured paintings.  Only this time I am really going back in. IMG_8009_new

The colours in the photo above are closer to the real deal - the first photo is overexposed but you get the idea.  This is painted from a series of photos I took last spring.  I really love the expression on the faces of these two ducks.  I started this last year and set it aside to work on Christmas commissions and then the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge this January.  As part of the challenge, I also painted these two duckies smaller and on Ampersand Claybord. I guess I am not finished with this subject yet.

Flirtin by Helen Shideler

"Flirtin" is available on my web site by clicking here


One Duckie Two Duckie Slow Duckie - WIP

And slow I go....     I left in the reference photos so you can get the idea  of where I am going with this.  I love the photos with all the  ducks in a row. It is just the ducks with the most personality were photographed separately. The decision of where to place which duck has taken me quite a time to decide.   I mapped them pout loosely in my sketchbook and then changed my mind again and again.  Just have to wait and  see where the next duck will be.  I do know which duck will be last though - he is walking away from the row - he seems to have an attitude.

And at this point, I have no  real plan for the background.IMG_4127

I am loving the colours of the drake - he was so much fun to far!  The pallet for his is below IMG_4126

Ducks in a Row - WIP

It is no secret. I love ducks

Every few years I go on a duck painting marathon.  They make me smile.  With their round and full cheeks and happy bills, they are simply delightful to draw and paint.  This time around, I am working in watercolour.  Previous work was always in acrylics.

One day, when were out for a drive to see what I could shoot, we came upon a ferry landing that was covered with ducks.  Apparently, somehow the ducks know they are safe from hunters at the ferry  landing.  But I got some great shots.  Some were in the water while others basked in the sunshine, warming themselves on the asphalt and rocks.

The inspiration photo has an interesting perspective -below.  As I was shooting it I was thinking "he he heeee" ducks in a row.  Well it stuck.  The ducks in this painting will have come from individual duck photos I took and I will place them …well… in artistic order.  Hoping to heaven I can capture the perspective I am aiming for.