Flirting With Sunshine Sunflower painting on Aquabord

Flirting With Sunshine by Helen ShidelerFresh off the easel. This is a watercolour painting of a bright and happy sunflower painted on Aquabord.  I love the transparency and vibrancy you can achieve with this surface, just unsure if if I love it with watercolours - I know I really love it with acrylics.  The problem is with me. My lack of patience for the washes to dry completely in between applications!  This is a key step with this surface. I may need patience pills. (painting is 14" x 11" unframed, will be framed in a floating frame once it's partner below is completed). The resolution on this image is a bit blurry, but you get the idea. I have a companion piece on the go as well.  I am thinking that once this one is complete, I will go back to the traditional watercolour on paper - at least for awhile!WIP Helen Shideler