So much to paint so little time

I am seriously restless

I think I have a huge case of spring fever once again.  Working away on two traditional watercolours  paintings "Cascading Blooms" the climbing rose and "TBD" rhodo.  Oh and a rather large landscape commission in acrylic that I cannot share with you yet (this is torment).  And all the while dreaming of Arizona and the PACE (Plein Air Conference & Expo) in Tucson this April. I have already started my what-to-pack list.

WIP Poured Painting Demo Piece by Shideler

Does this ever happen to you

When out of the blue I started thinking about poured watercolour paintings. Ok, not really out of the blue..I have to have a painting in progress to take to my talk at the Saint John Art Club meeting on March 24th.  But I have so much inspiration! I honestly do not know where to start. I love my creative life and love that sometimes I am on inspiration overload and cannot seem to finish anything and then almost cannot start something new because I cannot choose...but have many paintings progressing.

WIP Secret Commission by Helen Shideler


I have an image in my mind of a series of seascapes hanging on one wall in a show.  It's my around-to-it.  Thinking that I may kick start that series I decided do a seascape as part of my poured painting demo.  H: pouring paint does not create soft edges.  Helpful hint: Clouds and water are soft and free-er with no hard edges.  Unsure how this one is going to develop - I have my fingers crossed. The salvation is it could always become a mixed media painting.  I always maintain there is nothing you cannot fix with acrylic paint (except maybe an oil painting).

WIP Poured Painting Demo piece by Helen Shideler

Doubting myself

And then I started another for the demo.  My just-in-case painting.  My backup plan so to speak. A safer subject.  Once drawn out I realized this would be a real cool full sheet poured painting. Maybe for another day.