WIP Maritime Blues

Sometimes painting is like therapy.  With this method or style of painting I can be free to do whatever.  I am developing the style with each painting. Works great for me when life is just too busy... or I feel I need to accomplish something - or I have way too many detail paintings in play.... or all of the above. I have been calling this technique poured paintings... reminds me more of batik.  The stage below is how it looks once I have removed all the layers of masking and prior to bringing out the detail.  Reminds me of a serigraph. Watercolor - mussel shellsAnyway, I start our with a solid loose drawing.  In this case, I painting the pale yellow bits prior to applying the first mask. The first wash was a mixture of Payne's Grey, Potters Pink and Genuine Rose Madder.  Apply mask. The second pour was a mixture of Cobalt blue and Neutral Tint. Mask The third pour was a mixture of Cobalt Blue, Indigo and Neutral Tint.  Mask The fourth pour was a mixture of Ultramarine Violet and Indigo. Mask The final pour was a mixture of Raw SIenna and Neutral TInt. Remove mask.  This is actually a work out. You are not supposed to abuse the paper and rub real hard.  Although the urge to climb on the painting to remove the stuff is quite hard to resist. (pardon the pun)  I did not resist.

A few key points when working with mask: Always allow for it to dry completely before you apply paint - and NEVER use a hairdryer to speed up drying time.  Remove the mask as soon as possible.   Another reason that I really like this technique is that you have to work fast to get the this point.  You run the risk of the mask not coming off or tinting the painting it you leave it on for too long. This process has taken me five days to get to the removal stage.