Miss Feya Lily WIP Complete


I finally managed to carve out enough time to complete this painting. It was so close.I started it well before the Holiday season and then life got in the way.  You know busy stuff.  Family stuff.  The stuff you need to take a time out for.  Only after I committed to the 30 Paintings in 30 Day Challenge for January… a good and productive way to ring in the new year.  


I love the passages in this painting, it may be cliché but it makes me think of generations.  The older blooms still stately with their colours fading to softer and muted tones.  The blooms that recently opened showing off their regal reds and intense pinks.  And the buds holding the promise of an impressive display of colour and vitality one day soon.  

My palette for this painting was pretty much monochromatic, heavily slanted to pinks, rose and magenta, along with maroon and a hint of purple.  I mapped out the colours on the palette to keep it all straight.

To follow up

Just before I finish a large painting, I typically sketch out the next watercolour.  I find if I ever have to think about what to paint next that I hit a dry spell waiting for inspiration to hit. Even when I am working on a large oil or acrylic, I will always have a watercolour in progress.  I have a pink climbing rose loosely sketched and two petals painted.  I have officially moved onto the next painting.

As in a lot of my work, can you spy the fly?


The Lovely Miss Feya Lily

Once upon a summer’s day, while walking about in the ever charming St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, I stumbled across this sumptuous crimson tree lily.   It literally stopped me in my tracks.  It was tall and absolutely stunning.  Regal and proud.  Fragrant.  A real show stopper. 

Now anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love to paint lilies!  There have been many in my painting career.   And there will certainly be many more. 


With the aid of my friend Google, I did the research to identify her and perhaps locate where I may purchase one for our garden at home (and how to deer proof around it).  I am seriously considering tying to grow one in a container on our up high deck. Has anyone out there ever grown lilies in pots?   If so...some advice would be welcome.


Check out what I found:

We believe this to be the very BEST hybrid not only ever created by Washington State hybridizer, Mr. LeVern Friemann, but of all time, anywhere in the world. Deep maroon-red color front and back, blending to bright violet on petal/sepal tips. ....Blooms are very sun fast, a fantastic addition to the lily world, and certainly the reddest Tetraploid Oriental lily ever to be released. Grows 5 to 6 feet tall in full sun for us, expect taller stems under glass, or in light shade. Late July, early August flowering.

Fabulous lily of crimson red with purple stripes from the base and lightly spotted, just a hint of silver on the edge of the petals. Plants are tall and robust

Sumptuous crimson -maroon flowers

Rich, cherry-red petals with dark, almost black stripes and speckles are delicately outlined in bright white.

WIP Drama Queen



Finally, Finally Finished!IMG_4266_new

After a rather lengthy hiatus from completing this painting distracted by a few commissions and a ducky diversion  I  finally got back to work on this painting.  I have to admit I have produced a number of large watercolours over the past two years and have been holding on to them.  Not entirely sure why – but I think they would look good in a show all together.

Drama Queen is a painting of Dizzy Lizzie lily. Say that three times.  Phew!  And they belong to the rather regal Oriental lily family.

If you don’t already know and love these beauties, with flowers often larger than your hand,  you may want to introduce formally yourself.  A garden royalty they would appreciate an admiring nod.  Lilies are among my absolute favourite blooms - likely stating the obvious as I paint them so often!

These lilies always live up to their royal statue by providing large and dramatic blooms each summer - if the deer do not get them.

April and May are the perfect months to plant summer blooming bulbs, including Oriental Lilies in the United States and Canada.