WIP -Threes Company - Poured Painting Complete

Threes Company I was finally able to carve out the time to finish this painting.  I normally have a few on the go at a  time.  This time, the other paintings have deadlines, so I had to prioritize.  When I finished the “Sunning Gull’s I really wanted to go at it again.  This time a bit closer and to add in an additional gull.  What is interesting, is that I have no preference between the two paintings.  Normally when I attempt something like this, I have a strong preference for one over the other – not so here.

Sunning Gulls


Do you have a preference?




WIP - Maritime Blues III, Finally Finished

So, I have been all over this painting consistently for the past two weeks.  Every opportunity I had I would work on it.  I think I have decided that, unless someone commissions me to do another mussel shell painting in a completly different medium, well,  I am done with watercolor mussels - at least for awhile!  I found this process long, starting two poured paintings at the same time.  I was able to complete the first one, but had to move away from this version to get other work done.  Took me more dicipline than I figured to stay with this.  This is the third and final of my series of pured water-colours of  mussel shells. I think I will "stare" at it for a few days before I have it scanned to see if it needs any tweaking.

Petunia Cascade

I have been working on this painting for about three weeks now.  Between the layering of colors and alternating with masking compound and waiting for it all to dry.  I am so not patient! I love how deep and rich the colors are.  I went back in with magenta and a really bright pink to add more detail and create more dimension. And of course, viridian green and indigo for the leaves. After I removed the masking compound and sat back to look at the work - it reminded me of a serigraph print.  I actually thought about leaving it as is.  It had depth and the shaped were interesting.  But, being who I am, I had to go back in with more detail.

Interesting enough, the most difficult stage of this painting was titling it.

Work in Progress - Daisy Fresh

Work in Progress - "Follow The Leader"

I started working on a full sheet painting of carpet roses that grow beside our pond.  Beautiful pink, reds and wine shades. 
Then I had an overwhelming urge just to play.  I set aside the painstaking drawing of roses and found a half sheet of Arches 300lb paper just waiting for inspiration.
Hmmm – whatever can I do?  When ever I get in this frame of mind, I generally go directly to all my pet fish photos.  I played with the composition, this one here – that one there and so on.  Landed on a composition that I liked and loosely drew it out.
Then I got out my little metal cups for mixing large amounts of color – masking compound (again –boy am I a glutton for punishment – this stuff is challenging at best) and started pouring paint.
This process is quite interesting – reminds me of batik with out the wax.  Pour pale yellow – let it dry, apply mask.  Pour darker yellow, let it dry and apply more mask.  Over and over and over.
Now, removing the mask is like a work out.  Need to use a gum eraser and rub and rub and hope for the best. Once I had all the mask removed , I went in and painted the detail work. 
This is by far the quickest I have ever completed a painting of this size.  And you know – I really like it!
And soon - the reveal of the finished painting!

Pretty Petunias

This Painting was completed quite quickly by my usual standards.  I used a mask to preserve the white areas, then poured pink and pale green.  Once dried, I applied more mask and poured more watercolor paint and so on...
Overall the painting took two days to complete. I think the hardest part was first applying the mask and them removing it.  Still have not decided if I like mask or not.  I usually carefully paint around things.
I am pretty happy with this process - it is fun!