WIP - Amethyst Sapphires

Purple DelphiniumEvery now and then I start a painting that I stall on. This would be one of those paintings. I was working on it this morning and when I stepped back - I figured it out. I had begun to paint the top bloom off scale. It was way too large.  I applied gesso to cover my too large tracks and  I believe I have resolved it. The gessoed part is at the top in a canvassy color. (the real messy part) I love this colors of this one, all the magenta, purples and prussian blue with the yellow green background. In this early stage is it already alive with rich color.  I have to exaggerate the colors to develop the depth I am attempting to create.  And really, using my artistic license and modifying the colors is the fun part.

Stay tuned... more to follow soon!