Create a Little Magic Every Day


I recently read a blog post that offered words of wisdom for artists.  The first piece of advice that I identified with was to journal as you paint.  The thoughts and ideas you compile become foundational and inspiration for blog posts.  I like this!

The second is to alway shave a notebook close by to capture your ideas as they happen.  Well, I tried this and was completely surprised how quickly the ideas started to flow.  So glad I had a little notebook close by!

This is my new special journal...


My Adventure

Painting is an adventure for me.  I never quite know what direction it is going to take me in.  Sure I always have a bit of a roadmap, but it is the surprises that I am presented with that often lead to my best work.

A few years ago I had a concept stuck in my head.  And I really could not define it.  I just felt it. And am definitely moving in that direction.  I know it is a different path that I will be taking.

Two years ago in Jackson Hole WY, I discovered the art of Andrew Denman and was completely blown away.  He was painting backgrounds in the etherial way I had in my head.  And he was doing it! I am hoping to capture a similar depth in watercolour, minus masking and definitely no sanding.  Now Andrew's work is leaning more towards abstraction than I intend to go, but I love his work and am completely fascinated with it.  

I intend to experiment with negative painting in 2016 over pouring paint.  I may still be trapped a bit in the world of masking for awhile while I figure all this out, but I hope to achieve the concepts still in my mind without it. 

About a year ago an artist friend mentioned to me that my work is reminding her more and more of Denman's.  Momentarily flattered, then I was taken aback.  I am not trying to emulate his style although I am completely fascinated with it.  I live the flavour and intention of expressing the background of a painting in a surprising way.

My New Fascination

My new fascinations is around negative painting.  I have been exploring poured paintings for a number of years.  There is always something to learn with this technique.  It is darn difficult and challenging ad that is why I love it.  Just not completely in love with the sharp edges created with masking compound.  I am looking to achieve a softer feeling while maintaining the impressive degree of depth possible with pouring.  


I am hoping that in 2016 I will be able to move the bar to a higher standard in  my experimental work by exploring and learning about negative painting.  I just have to learn to think backwards.  Piece of cake right?

Happy New Year all.

Thank you for your continued interest and support, and oh yes - your continued investment in collecting original art (and mine too please).