Spring Scentsation on the easel

On the easel for awhile

This fall has had me going madly off in all directions.  Literally.  I have twice travelled across the country clearing four time zones in each direction.  Had two nasty sinus infections that literally had me down and out.  Add in a kitchen reno and phew a trip to Newfoundland!  No wonder these paintings are taking awhile to finish.

Spring Scentsation by Helen Shideler

It seems that every night after I have worked on this

and then lie in bed trying to go to sleep, my mind is so active continuing to paint the little lilac florets.  Sometimes I can even feel my hands moving. I enjoy every sleepless moment of it!  You see it is not every painting that imprints on my brain like this.  I think that is reserved for the special ones.  The ones that literally excite you to the point that they keep you awake at nights.  I so love the goopy bits of paint that help to define and sculpt the blossoms. And delight on the many colour variances in those little petals. From the various shades of lilac to the pinks to blues and how the colours are affected by the light and shade.




well - progressing nicely

Well - I have been painting a good part of yesterday and today.  It is just the georgous sunshine keeps calling me to go outside! And on the East Coast - you have to grab the sun when it shines.  I am getting excited to finish this one though - have so many more to start working on. It's almost funny - I started to draw our pansies and set it aside, all the same colours.  May need to paint hmmm.... reds?

Work in progress - very slow progress

This painting I see to have started forever ago.  About a quarter of the way through, a friend saw it and asked me to do a smaller version for her - the catch was - the smaller painting had to be completed first as she was leaving town.  And so, I painted "Lavender Lilacs" for my friend, a similar version - then came back to this one.  This painting is a full sheet watercolour with tons of details.  I am for the most part, drawing as I go.  Initially I scetched out the boundarys of the bloom and then started wortking towards the centre. A few times as I was lost in the painting - I thought I actually could smell the blossoms.  I guess I have a vivid imagination.

Visit again- more to follow soon......