More progress on the lilac painting

When I start working on a painting I have a clear vision of how it will turn out. Often what is missing from the vision is a line of sight into how long it will actually take me to develop the piece. This one of those kinds of paintings.

A full sheet watercolour in the level of detail I aspire to is time consuming - no way around it. It is clearly work. Knowing that I am almost always pulled in by the complexity of a subject. It has to be a challenge or I will not tackle it.

This painting is for all intent and purpose, a monochromatic work rendered in detail – and I think still painterly. I started with a good outline drawing and finessed and filled in as I went along. In the initial stages, a friend saw the work and asked me to do a similar piece as a commission. The hiccup was – there was a tight deadline and I would have to set aside the full sheet paining in order to make that deadline. Yes, more shades of lilac.

And so, I completed a smaller version called “Lavender Lilacs” for my friend. And then to return to this piece you are watching the progress of. At about the half way point I felt discouraged – as I normally do at this stage. The sheer amount of lilac I have been working with coupled with the desire to see more progress, well…..

And so now I see the progress and am re-excited (is that even a word?) by the work and am steadily working towards its completion. I have reverted back to singing and dancing as I work along – and hope to have it completed by August 7th. Fingers crossed. I will post when it is complete.