Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras - this painting was pure fun to work on - well...for the most part.  I recently purchased some water soluble oils and decided to try them out.  I had forgotten how long oils take to dry - and yes, this is the case with this type as well.  So, I painted for a few hours - waited a few days, paint again wait again, you get the picture. This went on for quite awhile.  Then one day as I was studying the piece - I realized it was close to finished!

And so today I worked on it for about four hours and I think it is finally finished.

In this painting is Hoover, Nemo,Comet, Guilda, Goldie, Marilyn and Dot....our pet goldfish and koi. I continue to be fascinated by the fish and love to paint them. The next painting they are swimming in the pond - a whole different perspective. Oh - and it will not be in water soluble oils - this media is too frustrating to work with.