Day 15 - Out in the Open

On Labour Day my husband and I had a chance to spend some time at New River Beach in New Brunswick.  This is one of our favourite places on the planet.  When the tide is out , you can saunter on the beautiful sand seemingly forever.  

This particular day, we were treated to sandpipers, the ever present seagulls, a feeding cormorant and this crab.  He was pretty confident sitting out in the open among the seagulls.  The gulls were very interested in him. Circling around and squawking. At the end of the day - this guy was just too large for them to tackle.  He has been around for awhile - see the barnacles.  I do not think I have ever seen barnacles on a crab before!

Out in the Open

My Day 15  painting for this event is called “Out in the Open”.  This painting actually took me two nights to paint!  I was trying to avoid the carry over with this challenge - but I like the the work takes time!

This is a 9 x 12" acrylic on Gessoboard.   

Available on my website by clicking HERE  for $250.

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