WIP - Birds of a Feather Update #2

WIP Birds of a Feather - Helen ShidelerSo, I have reached that stage

You know the one.  The one where your current painting looks like crap as it is only half way through and you cannot wait to either finish it or burn it!  So I am taking a breather , mainly to stare it down, to scrutinize the work and hopefully figure out where I need to focus next.

This is a different variation on a poured painting.  First I soaked the Aquabord.  Then instead of just pouring the paint on, I was very deliberate in the placement of the colour.  Then I used my trusty spray bottle to create vertical interest by pulling the colours down the surface.

I used so much water that I soaked two bath towels.  Once I was satisfied with the amount of colour and the effect.  I let it dry overnight.  The next step is more painting directly wet into dry.  This stage is going to take quite awhile.  The weeping mulberry will take a fair amount of time - I think I will paint the mourning doves (otherwise known as turtle doves) last.

WIP Hat Trick Completed

Contemporary Realism -painting by Helen Shideler I am quite loving this technique.  I love that even with the layers of paint you can still see the impasto underpainting,- in this cast the texture I created with the burlap.  The process is mess and I admit I am quite nervous with it.  I usually know almost exactly what I am doing.  Not quite the case with underpinning and also with poured paintings.  The element of surprise and then the reality of what in the heck am I going to do with this?

I admit I am a planner.  I will decide on a element whether it be the subject or the texture and thing about it for days and days.  Obsessing really.   They all of a sudden, I know exactly what I want to accomplish and then just go for it.

I love poured watercolours.  One of my favourite techniques and I was really looking for  a painting method with acrylics that would get me as excited.  I believe I have found it.  For the past two years I have been all over you tube read every acrylic book I could get my hands on and observed the work of others.  I found a method that spoke to what I had in mind and did one painting being quote literal to the process.  This si the second painting.  I have started out the same way with the heavy impasto underpinning and sanding.  From there this is all mine (as far as I know) the application of clear gesso.