Saint David's Annual Art Show and Sale

The Saint David’s United Church Men’s Group holds an annual art show and sale that not only supports local artists but also injects much-needed funds back into the community.  This is an excellent opportunity to see quality artwork and support a very good cause! I am pleased to be participating in this Art Show and Sale again this year.  Things have been pretty busy for me with hanging my show "Full Spectrum" at the Imperial (still showing until November 14th).  So, I have been busily painting away for this event.

Below are three of the four paintings I will be exhibiting.   The fourth painting, well is still a work in progress.  It is a large acrylic painting of Delphinium. Stay tuned... this will most likely be my next blog post.

Friday, October 28th and Saturday, October 29th

7 Gondola Point Road


Hope to see you there!

Still a work in progress....slow progress

Tedious tediumtweedle tweedle dumb....

When I get to this stage in a painting - I often wonder "what am I thinking?".  Seems like I have been working on this piece forever.  Don't get me wrong.. I love the complexity and all the detail.  It is just at this point I am getting excited for the next painting - without any shade of pink.  Have I mentioned that each petal takes at least an hour to complete?

This painting will require at least three more sessions to complete.   My favourite stage is when I look at the work and start to balance the colours - a little bit more colour here - and little more darks in there. This really makes the painting pop.

I have my next painting sketched out - actually I have three more sketched out - two more watercolors and one in oil. May have something to do with my anxiousness to complete this.

Nellie Mosher Clematis - Work in Progress

Another full sheet adventure! Sometimes I wonder what I am thinking!  Actually this painting is pure fun to work on. The size is a bit intimidating but will make quite an impression when it is completed.
The colors of the clematis are so lovely and the painting the leaves is a joy - and a break from the petals which require quite a bit of concentration.
I started at the bottom and am working my way up - really backwards - but it is working for me.  I will paint the trellis and the shadows on it last.
Until next time.....