WIP Update #5 and Birds of a Feather is finally finished!

Birds of a Feather - Helen Shideler paintingThis painting has proven to be an interesting experience all the way around!  This is the first time I painted mixed water media (mainly acrylic) on Ampersand Aquabord - and I am in LOVE!  It started out as a poured watercolour with the fun watery evergreen dripping into the golds and blues.  I loved it when it was still simple.  As in before I got in there mucking around with the paint. My original vision was to paint the mourning doves at the top of the weeping mulberry.  Then I loved the drippiness and started painting in every single stupid branch.  Then I get obsessed with the stupid branches - painting each one in careful detail. And I started resenting the painting for loosing the drippiness that I loved. I really really laboured over this one.  It took forever and I was never quite certain.

So, today I signed it and and photographed it.  Then an interesting thing happened.  I took photos of the large painting 30" x 22".  Then I focused in on the birds to bad able to share with you the mourning dove details.

Then it hit me.  I remembered that I wanted to capture the feeling of the tree and the cold birds perched on that interesting tree…. not paint the whole dang tree.  So with this cropped photo, I realized I was about to convince my husband to cut it almost in two.  Helen Shideler -Birds of a Feather detailWhen I mentioned it to him - he got up and went over to it and said right about here….see - I was right - this painting did not need all that volume.  I am much happier with it cropped as it captures what I was hoping to capture in the first place!

The colours are closer in the bottom photo!