Day 9 - Happy Face

I love this face.  Cannot help but smile every time I meet up with Shilo.  They do not come any cuter than this!

Happy Face

My Day 9 painting for this event is called “Happy Face”.  Aussie-poo - okay, I even like saying the breed - again a smile on my face.  When I embarked on this challenge I always promise myself to explore new subjects, materials and styles.  I really wanted to keep this painting loose and playful.  Much like the subject.  I am pretty happy with the way it turned out!

Again, I took the photo indoors in the evening it looks a bit yellow.  The background is ultra white.

This is a 10x8"" acrylic on Gessoboard.  Being a standard size it is ready for your 8x10"  frame.

Available on my website by clicking HERE  for $200

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