WIP - Black Velvet - Update #2

Helen Shideler - Black Velvet Iris paintingMaybe it is has something to do with the monochromatic palette, or maybe it is the large size (30 x 30”) but it sure feels like this painting is taking me a long time.  I really have been working on this – although not exclusively.  Since my first post, I have had a number of painting sessions.  When I look at the photo from the original post I can clearly see my progress.  But when I start another painting session it looks the same in my mind.   Contributing to this illusion may the bright white background.  But….whenever I enter my studio and see it on the easel it - catches my breath.   So I must be heading in the right direction. I have worked my way around all the petals and am now about to focus on the front “fall” petal and the fuzzy “beard” area.   There is a lot of color in this area will be fun to paint!

I still have not decided if I am going to paint a light background or paint it white-ish for a more contemporary look.  I will give you a chance to weigh in on the next post.

Hmmm, I am craving a grape popsicle all of a sudden!


WIP - Black Velvet - Update 1

Black Velvet This Black Velvet Bearded Iris is one of the first to open in my garden each spring.  Each year, when I happen upon it – it literally takes my breath away.  Always a show stopper.  Initially you see a dark velvety bloom.  Upon closer inspection, you see the red and purple tones.  I could not wait to get painting this beauty.  I knew it would have to be large and I decided upon a square shape even though logically you would suggest a rectangular shape.  The question of the day - should I paint the background white or a vibrant yellow green?

This painting is a rather large acrylic painting 30 x 30”.