WIP - Yesterdays Blooms - Update # 3

WIP - Helen Shideler Floral Water COlour I really would not have believed it.  I am painting white roses and checking my work against a greyscale.  The darks on the white roses are seriously dark.  I am pretty good at capturing tone and colour variance - but this handy little scale humbled me.  I mean, I thought I knew what I was doing.  And then I remembered I had this little scale and decided to look at my painting “Yesterdays Blooms”  and do some spot checks.   After all these are white roses.  I mean aren’t they supposed to be light?

My goal is never to achieve photo realism - I prefer to think of my style as “painterly realism”.  Having said that,  I focus on creating dimension and depth.  And in order to create depth you need to understand your deeper tones … and also your lighter tones.

The light shade:


And the deeper tones: