Winters Light Shines Through

I have to admit this was an ambitious painting.  I think I may have a thing about straight lines and me not really know what to do with them.  I always thought I have a steady hand and a good eye... but am not thinking my astigmatism may not know how to deal with them.  Seeing this finished painting sure brings a smile to my face.


The thing is I often have more ambition than brains.  

Just as I finished signing this one I ran upstairs with my camera and took a series of photos of the same window with the green of the grape vines showing through.  I have to admit it looks kind of sharp.  And it looks cool in the spring with the pink apple blossoms too. Wonder how it will look with the fall foliage? I am unsure that I need to paint it in all the seasons.  

The other thing i, I wanted it to be somewhat painterly.  I drew it out as I went - except for the outside graphic shapes - which sort of line up with the actual window (a little bit of artistic licence here).  I know you know that I am very much a precise painter so just based on that I may feel the need for a do over in another season.  

Helpful Hint:

I test drove some of my new Danial Smith Prima Tec pigments on this

Mostly I love them.  I always recommend to people to test what you are about to do on a sample piece of paper.  It is important that it be the same type of paper as the paint will behave differently on different weights and textures.  A lot of these pigments are staining.  You cannot lift them.   When you add certain colours after, such as anything remotely yellow you get a grey mess that you cannot redefine the shapes without a lot of effort and a few choice words! 

At the end of the day these pigments were the right approach.  The little bit of granulation helped to simulate the texture of the glass.


Inspired by a glass panel by Ingo and Julie Doetsch, Raven Glass Studio from Fredericton NB