WIP - Hosta la Vista Baby and why someone should really help me name this one

 And  so it began.  A while back I was approached by a client who saw my hosta painting "Sunshine Shadows"  in acrylic.  She mentioned that both she and she husband are hosta enthusiasts and they would love a hosta painting.  No... no... no... not the painting I had already painted. Apparently my prized hosta  is well,  a common variety  - please understand, I really only prize it for our ability for having kept the local deer population from eating it long enough to get a number of photos.  The hosta came with the house and I love it.  Where we live hosta are a loosing game... they are a unique family of garden plants known as deer salad!  For a few years I managed to keep it safe from Bambi's grazing eyes and voracious appetite.  Then one spring day it happened.  Bambi and her family cleaned out our entire hosta garden.  Gnawed  it down to the ground!  All that was left of our hostas was a sorry stubby stand for us to lament over.    Well we pined, we plotted, we planned and we decided our hostas had to move.

So you get the idea why we prize this particular plant - perhaps the sorry story in detail another blog post.  This would likely also be accompanied with the "why I hate  tulips" post - maybe next spring.  And so, back to the beginning.  This summer my client and I had a plan.  Her family would be away for a weekend and it would be the perfect opportunity for a clandestine photo shoot.

With careful plotting and many shots later, we agreed on two in particular.  You know commissions, one leaf from this ...one leaf from that.  And Oh... I really like this colour.  And so it began.   This is the beginning, the WIP and I really need help in naming this one please!