Past Their Prime - WIP Complete

Finally completed. This photo actually shows a bit lighter than the painting - but you get the idea.  This painting took a lot of discipline to stay with it just by virtue of it's size - full sheet (30" x 22") and the amount of detail.  Peonies and roses are tricky to draw out and require a lot of patience both drawing and in painting.  They are layer after layer of petals that are often not intuitively shaped or shaded.  I worked from a few reference photos for this - one for the jar, one for  the petals on the concrete bench and I combined two for the flowers.

Now I am on to a few poured paintings to loosen up - one of my favourite subjects - Mussel shells!

WIP-Update 3 -Past Their Prime

Bit by bit this is progressing. I have had to go in and rework my drawing a few times - somehow - I got a bit confused in the details.  Peonies!  I may think twice before I start another!!!!! Working from three reference photos certainly has its challenges. And am not certain I have it completely figured out.  In person the detail in this is  looking pretty good. I have a plan for the background (of course) will share on the next post - anew product for me - fingers and toes crossed.

WIP-Second Update- Past Their Prime

I have been working on this painting exclusively for over a month now. (Does it count as a diversion if this weekend I drew out two full sheet of mussel shells?  shhhh!)

And am pretty excited with my progress. I have done quite a bit of tweaking as I go along. I added in an other bloom at the bottom of the bouquet- the composition just "needed" it.  I decided to leave the concrete bench for now and get back to the flowers.  The drawing and is complex and often requires a bit more concentration than I feel like.  That is why I am moving all over this painting. I plan one finishing the flowers this week.

Focus Helen, focus!