WIP - Drama Queen

I started this painting to be a poured painting.  Once I loosely sketched it out - well, I got cold feet.  The challenge with poured paintings can be the harsh edges left by the masqueing compound.  Now I am pretty good at softening all that out, but this lily "Dizzy" is very white and quite red.  The white areas would not respond well to all that required scrubbing - and so I decide to paint in my more traditional transparent watercolor style. Sometimes when I am painting, the work titles itself.  As I was applying the first red-ish washes, Drama Queen leapt into my head and I think I am going to go for it.  Then I Googled the images I have and discovered it is a lily called Dizzy - thinking the title is perfect now!  And, while refining the drawing, outside my studio windows - a catbird was chasing crows with a determination and vocal abilities to be admired - a true drama queen!