On the Easel

I believe I am a habitual project starter.  

Actually I know I am. I cannot sketch out one project,  no I have to jump in the deep end.  Always.  Be highly ambitious.  Starry eyes wide open looking at possibilities.   I have sooo much work to do.  Happy sigh!  Then I disappear for a few days wondering where to start.

Roses, soft pretty roses in full bloom in watercolour.

Occasionally I wonder what the heck I am thinking.  

Where in the world would I even start?  One of my new  pieces has that quality.  I am pretty sure most of my friends out there know I have been stalking birds for reference photos in the past few months.  Well I am still at it.

As the sun was rising

Most recently, as the sun was rising, I caught a glimpse of a mourning dove perched deeply and peacefully in one of our fir trees.   The sun was catching the dove on the front of its face and breast.  The lighting was perfect.  Armed with my camera and in slippers I rushed outside in the cold to capture the  moment.  Many photos and a good chill later, I happily made may way back into the house.  Only to take even more photos from the vantage point of my warm kitchen window.

This is a highly detailed, almost monochromatic piece.  Wondering if I should just jump in with thick oils and have at it.  Or…. should I maintain my meticulous approach?

All this and a commission

I have a commission in the works on a fairly large canvas – will share more on that later. I am loving the way this is shaping up.

And yet another

And a lovely white with raspberry/ blackberry coloured rhodendron that I absolutely cannot wait to get into.

Check back ofter to see how I am progressing