Center of Attention

"Center of Attention"  Watercolour on Ampersand Aquabord (14 x 11")

I am now on a mission to complete paintings that I started prior to embarking on the January challenge.  I have two more sunflower paintings in progress in oil - and it is looking like they are already spoken for.  Motivation!!!

Spring is in the air and I am loving the sunny, happy colours.  Well, spring is not really in the air.  This week we had another pounding blizzard.  We have so much snow.  I honestly cannot remember when I have seen so much of the white stuff.  I always used to think fresh snow was so beautiful.  And that storms are inspirational.  Notice the tense?  Used to.  This last storm  had me feeling restless and somewhat frustrated.  But I painted.

Centre of AttentionBack to the colours here.  Previously I painted "Flirting with Sunshine" as a companion painting. Both are custom framed the same in a dark, rich frame.

Flirting With Sunshine by Helen Shideler