Artists-by-the-Sea, St. Andrews NB

Such an amazing day.  The weather completely cooperated!   We painting until we risked dehydration... hot as heck really.  The three of us broke down and actually wore hats.  i had my Sunbrella up and completely tucked myself under the shade!   Still stinking how, but we shan't complain - at least not out loud.  Once the tide came in the temperature dropped about 4 degrees celsius - made a big difference.  Did you know the deer flys (dog flies? moose flies) grow ginormous in St. Andrews and are particularly fond of artists?

We each completed four paintings! Once we were done ...we were done.  Back at it tomorrow.

Artists-By-the-Sea is an annual event raising funds for Hospice of Charlotte County.  The event for 2013 took place on July 13 & 14th.