Pretty Perfect Paint Prize Package

I am so completely excited!  And a bit dim!

Look at the wonderful prize package I just received.  

Art Supplies - Helen Shideler

Giddy with glee

I was very fortunate and won an award at the CSPWC Open Art Show in November.  The prize was a gift certificate for Stevenson Paint - made right here in Canada. And what was so wonderful (other than receiving the award) was that I was able to select the type of painting and colours that I wanted.  Oils.  Acrylics.  Watercolours.  Smorgasbord! Delightful! Giddy with glee me! I have to admit that it took me awhile to decide what to order.  So many choices and other artist materials as well.

A bit of Sleep deprivation

Oh my, you know you are tired when....we arrived home yesterday and there was a shipping notification on the door for a missed delivery.  

The conversation went - did you order something? Gary - no you must have.  Me - no I would remember of I did , I am sure I am not waiting for anything.  Gary - Katie must have ordered something. Me - she usually mentions it.  This went on for a bit.

Got in the car tonight and there was a box on the back seat.  So I asked who it was for.  Gary said it is yours.  I was baffled.  Me- really? What is it?

Then the light went on - PAINT!!!