WIP - Picotee Petunias - Poured Painting

Helen Shideler Poured FLoral  

Pretty purple picotee petunia petticoats 


Ahh, the name game and I am stuck on “p” alliterations

Never wanting to be hokey, looking for a name that sticks…well, this is just tempting.  Likely a poem in here somewhereThis is the most pre-planned poured painting I have worked on.  I knew the colors before I started.  I had them all laid out - rich magentacarmine quin red.  All delicious shades!  Even through all the layers of masquing compound I was pretty happy with the way the painting was developing.  Once I removed the masque,  I almost called it finished, but I know the next step will bring it to life!  Stay tuned!


while in Vancouver- two WIPs

While visiting my new grandson in this amazing city, I am still working away.  This year is very busy with art obligations (love them all) as they keep me focus and productive, even when the sun is shining.  This is the mid point of these two poured watercolor paintings.  Stayed tuned for the reveal..  Have you ever tried to post from an iPad - Ridiculously difficult.  You cannot edit! Helen Shideler poured water color Helen Shideler poured watercolor

Rember this? Maritime Blues III WIP - Update 2

Think back... way back to the spring when I first posted two WIPS of poured paintings of mussel shells.  I completed one and let the other, well rest.  Somehow, once I get to about the first third of a painting  I seem to set it  aside  and then finish an earlier piece.  this time is no exception.  With Maritime Blues II recently back from the framer, I decided it was time to finish this piece.  What I love about this painting is I can pick it up at any time, work for a few hours and them come back to it.  I have a goal to complete at least two shells pre day until I can call it finished!


I am loving the colours and textures - feeling quite adventurous with all the mauves and bits of pink.    This photo is showing the work darker than it really is - I will shoot the next update in better light!