WIP - Glow

Oh dear, what was i thinking?  I remember being completely enthralled with sunflowers last year.  I might have taken, um… a couple of hundred reference photos of them.  I was and am still completely fascinated with the centre and seed patterns.  So much so  am actually working on two sunflower paintings - both in acrylic on panel and the same size.  One very contemporary and this one more traditional. DSC03559

The Fibonacci series.

"If you look at the seeds in the head of a sunflower or daisy, you will see that they are arranged in two sets of spirals, one set running clockwise, the other anticlockwise. Count the number of spirals going in one direction, and the number going in the other. You will find that these are always two numbers which are next to each other in the Fibonacci series . A similar arrangement is found in the way pine cones are constructed, in snail-shell spirals, animal horns and in the arrangement of leaf buds on a stem." (from creation.com)


I will post the second painting soon.