Week 3 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Time marches on - only one week left of the challenge

Day 15 – Striking a Pose

This painting took a serious long time to complete. And I had a real challenging time to title it.

Then, when we stood back and looked at it - well, my daughter and I see a large doggies face and a cat lite "Cats" face on it's back. Then we stopped trying to come up with a clever name. The resolution has been lowers for the posting so the colours are not showing as rich as they really are and the unintentional other critters not as obvious.

Day 16 – Out  for a Paddle

I always come back to ducks. They make me so happy with their perpetual smiles, cheeky cheeks  and happy attitude (I think). We have mallards that visit the bird feeders outside my studio window daily. And every time I see them I pause and watch them.

Day 17 – Twin Beaks

Once upon a time, quite recently actually, I think I mentioned that I may be done painting chickadees. Well I was wrong.  And now they are multiplying.  So much fun.

Day 18 – Breath Taking

Cardinals are daily visitors to our garden feeders. And no matter how many times I see them, I stop in awe. They absolutely take my breath away - overtime. They are very shy and skittish. If you so much as make eye contact they are gone so fast. Even trying to take photograph them requires a quiet camera and stealth like precision shooting.

Day 19 – opps

I skipped this day!  Decided to be a rebel.  My husband and I went out for supper instead.  I really needed a break.

Day 20 – On a Mission

On a Mission as this gull is looking pretty determined to get somewhere fast.  
The one in the bin was another gull (uncooperative sky)

Day 21 - Trying to Hide

I am always amazed at how shy cardinals are. They are so self aware- they see you before you see them and quite often you see them leave. But when they hesitate - they always have at least one eye on you, Being so red I guess you have to try to hide as best you can.

These paintings are available on my website www.helenshideler.com