Workshops by Design - Custom Workshops

This past weekend, I hosted a small acrylic workshop in my studio.  I had been approached by four watercolor painters looking to broaden their base of acrylic knowledge and skills – focusing on skies and water. This is a fun approach to workshops, gather a few like-minded friends and reach out. So, for a fee per person ($75) for a full day (up to four) and the fifth person is free – materials may be included depending on the type of workshop (except for brushes).  This fee structure is a work in progress… still thinking it through, but you  get the idea.

This approach to workshops also works for themed events – gather you friends for a winter, Christmas, spring, bridal shower..Halloween etc., themed painting event.  Makes for a fun day of creativity and at the end of the session you have a completed seasonal painting. The paintings below are the two from each of the four participants this past weekend.  They started a third as well and are completing on their own.

I love workshops - seeing different people painting the same or similar subject and yet the end results are so different! They painted until they were tuckered out but  left with smiles are thinking of what may be next......