Red Hollyhocks

Red Hollyhocks I love red flowers.  I love painting red flowers.  Red flowers are very complex to paint – if you are not careful they can be flat and so present a bit of a challenge.    And yours truly is motivated by complexity. I dove in with a limited palette and an unfamiliar medium to kick of a project I have in mind.

I thought I would challenge myself to start a small oil painting each week.  Because I paint in thin layers, I would always have a painting ready to work on and eventually I would be completing 4 small oils each month.  I thought this would be a brilliant idea.  Only I didn’t have enough paint.  So what would any artist do in this situation?  Take to the internet of course.  Now I am looking for a very specific brand of oil paint so my options are limited.  Anyway, I found what I was looking for and with glee hit the “submit your order” button.

That was 2 ½ weeks ago.  I heard nothing.  No order confirmation and even worse…no paint!  Now we have had some interesting weather here (snow, snow and still more snow) and I felt I had to add additional patience to this endeavor but 2 ½ weeks with no acknowledgement.?  Jeepers!  So I called.  I asked if there was a problem.   She said someone was supposed to call me. So I will not bore you with the details but Curry’s Art Supplies has lousy customer service.  We now have it straightened away (fingers crossed) and I asked if they could get the stuff to be before the weekend (never happened) – have a commission to do – and this really delays it.  She was not sure and then asked me if I still wanted the order! OMIGOODNESS!

Month one.  Only one oil painting started.  No more in the hopper…yet.  And the first one is only nearing completion.  My plan is not going quite as hoped!  But the ever optimistic me  sure hopes  the rest of the year rolls according to plan!

WHen I add the copyright to the image, I noticed that it seems to wash the colours out - the colours are brighter and the background bluer.