Plannin' My Packin'

So I am excited beyond belief!

In less than two weeks I will be in Dubois, WY - painting to my heart's content in cowboy country at the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation workshop.  Real cowboy country with real ranches!  Oh and Yellow Stone National Park. This workshop is a big deal... forget that Robert Bateman and John and Suzy Seerey Lester will be there.  Ok, I tried - I simply cannot forget!  I am excited, remember!

DSC01065I bought a new easel - a travel easel far more lightweight than my um.... other easels (I shall not confess).  I did the research.  I searched the internet high and low.  I Facebooked artists who posted photos of themselves painting en plein air asking them about their equipment and what they would recommend!  And I am now the happy owner of the Sun Eden lightweight travel watercolor easel!  Love it.  Well, except for the backpack I ordered - does not hold all the equipment like they said it would!  The easels shelf is simply too big to fit.  The amount of searching I did to find a suitable backpack may be a blog post on its own at a later date!

Forget all that! Now I have to pack.  Have to make a list of what to bring and things I must not forget - suggestions and recommendations highly appreciated from those of you with this type of travel experience!

I will be meeting a number of my friends from ArtColony Blogspot.  Probably the real reason I am so excited... more to follow on this soon!