Did You Say Walk? Hmmm?

My fur grand-doggy never fails to amuse me.  Oliver is with-a-doubt-about-it one of the most expressive doggies I have ever met! He is handsome.  Silly.  Sometimes annoying and always entertaining. Did I mention expressive?

When he is trying to make a point he will simply, and intently stare at you.  Each stare has a specific meaning.  And if you dare venture to say anything close to what he is hoping for - he tilts his head and stares into your eyes.  So words like walk, beach, supper, breakfast, food, car, or outside have real meaning to Oliver. 

The degree of head tilt absolutely matched the message he is trying to convey.

Did You Say Walk?

The image has a bit of contrast distortion - unsure why - the painting is smoother.  

Another Oliver quirk - he loves muffins! See, a doggie after my own heart!