Fabulous Florida

It is so hard to believe that we have come to the end of our fabulous Florida vacation. We had this planned since we started having the water issues with our property due to the harsh winter, you know the snow - torrential rains then flash freezing cycles! Had to escape.

Can I actually move here?

I brought along my watercolour paints in hopes of getting some painting time. Treasure Island’s Sunset Beach was a wonderful place to paint when it wasn’t too hot or too breezy. Every day was perfect. Perfect sun, perfect weather and perfect sky. The paintings are smallish 8 x 10” or smaller and are below in the slide show.

And the Wildlife

We got to see so many different birds. I think that the most unusual was the anhinga. At first I thought it was a swimming snake. It was in the water swimming or wading and all you could see was its long neck sticking out of the water. A few minutes later is cam out of the water and sat in the sun to dry its wings.

And the amount of pelican photo I was able to get. There is a painting or three in there for sure. Oh and the shorebirds. So happy that my husband is patient. Pretty hard for me to walk a continuous straight line without stopping for photos!

We walked around the lakes as part of of daily routine while in Orlando. My daughter Jenn warned me about alligators. In my naive way, i thought they really wouldn’t really put a path around a lake with gators in it would they? Simple answer. Yes!

Slide show below

Update on my Blooming Colours Studio

Work on putting my studio back together starts next week. I really miss it - hopefully it will be up and running soon. Challenging to paint when everything including my paint and brushes got packed up and placed in storage through all the crazy weather happenings this year!.

Until next time…